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Building Tailored Wealth Management Solutions for Three Generations

Who We Are

For three generations we've helped simplify the world of finance for clients. While understanding life insurance needs or planning for retirement may be new for our clients, they can rest easy knowing these are not new to us. We bring clarity and insight. drawn from years of experience, that gives clients the confidence to stick with their plan.

Cetera Advisor Networks brings clarity to clients' financial lives through education. Harold Nahigian built and established the firm with a heart to teach and educate. He began his career as a school teacher in LA and developed a fondness for financial advice while helping other teachers and colleagues evaluate their benefits plans. He had a knack for simplifying the details. Steven and Daniel continue that same emphasis for clients today.    

No matter what stage of life you're in or what your financial situation is, we provide knowledge and insight that is in your personal interest. We’re here and ready to help. 

Who We Work With 

We partner with Cetera Advisor Networks, Cetera Financial Group, and Pershing LLC to help support our business and provide the resources we need to better serve you. We think it’s important for you to know who these partners are and why we have chosen to work with them. 

Our Research Partner

Through Cetera® Investment Management LLC, we have access to outstanding resources to deliver sound investment advice and insights to you. These include thought leadership on the latest detailed market information as well as investment perspectives, asset allocation strategies, and investment ideas and recommendations.


Cetera Investment Management provides our team and you with research that uses forward-looking macroeconomic assessment of the market climate. This allows us to determine which areas of the market may hold the greatest opportunity. The investment research team covers multiple areas of the economy so you have access to a broad range of research resources to fit your individual needs.


Cetera Investment Management’s team is here as a partner, helping our team and you navigate the complexities of the market by supporting you with a structured process focused on your long-term goals. As your circumstances or the market inevitably shift and change, our team will be there to help keep you on track by adjusting your plans and investments accordingly, mitigating your risks and capitalizing on opportunities as they arise.


Cetera Investment Management uses a disciplined, regimented process to support clear long-term goals for our team and you. By evaluating a broad range of market indicators, including economic growth projections, market liquidity, volatility, political environment, secular growth cycles as well as potential investment horizon, Cetera Investment Management is able to offer consistent portfolio advice for our advisors to use with you.

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We are an independent wealth management firm focused on providing personalized plans to our clients across a wide variety wealth management, financial planning, investment and insurance services.

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Our Process

We take the time to get to know our clients so that we can provide individualized attention and customized time-based plans to help them live the life they want with confidence, joy and generosity.

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Our independent wealth management firm offers a simplified approach to your finances and proven wealth management strategies. We have a long track record of success, with three generations of financial advisor experience ready to serve you.

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